Academic Writing Support

6a00d8341cb55f53ef010536ace89f970b-800wiMany UK university students are not offered any academic writing support for the construction of their academic papers (a common practice in the US). This support covers aspects of writing such as; structure, strength of argument, grammar, and referencing. I feel that all students deserve support and guidance in developing their academic writing skills to achieve their fullest potential.

Safari F. Grey offers Academic Writing Support to all university students. This Support consists of a broad consultation on all aspects of Academic Essay Writing barring content. Instead, consultation may be given concerning essay structure, construction of argument, use of voice, grammar, referencing, tutor’s feedback and so forth. Such assistance is intended to aid the student in the development of their academic writing practice so that they may learn to produce high-standard papers under their own steam!

What to Expect:

Students send their work (or a sample) via email, outlining the aspects of their work they wish to consult, along with the payment for their consultation (see below). For example, sending a 3000 word undergraduate paper asking for help with structure; or perhaps asking for an explanation as to why they are not receiving the mark that they are. They will receive their work back within a week*, via email, with comments on both the document and an overall commentary and guidance  for the purposes of feedback. For my experience, qualifications, and student feedback see here.

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Please be advised that prices reflect the length and nature of your work, and my time spent on both the reading of, and time spent responding to, your paper.

Undergraduate papers (up to 3000 words): £15 per hour

Undergraduate dissertations:  £20 per hour; or £10 per thousand words

Masters papers: £20 per hour

Masters dissertations: £30 per hour; or £15 per thousand words

PhD thesis: either – £35 per hour; or £15 per thousand words


Undergraduate Level
Humanities subjects

Humanities subjects


Payments are accepted via PayPal.


*Length of work permitting; not including public holidays